Sunday, July 15, 2007

Letter to the Editor

of the Boston Pilot (the Archdiocese of Boston's "newspaper")...

I guess it's not surprising that you've ignored the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, which has freed the TLM. It's also not surprising that I refuse to subscribe to (thereby support) a "Catholic" publication which does that.

That's wasn't really fair of me though... They didn't ignore it. Here's their article (I refuse to link to it and give them the traffic),

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Before Pope Benedict XVI took off for his summer vacation in the Italian Alps, he engaged in a time-honored Vatican tradition: clearing his desk. That resulted in a flurry of decisions and documents, some long-awaited and some complete surprises. Their common denominator, apparently, was that no one wanted to deal with them again when they returned to their offices in September. Topping the list was the pope's July 7 apostolic letter on wider use of the Tridentine Mass. The document had been floating around so long that the Latin term "motu proprio," which refers to the form of the text, actually was making it into mainstream news reports. The pope began consulting on the Tridentine question in late 2005, and in early 2006 he discussed a draft text with members of the Roman Curia and the world's cardinals. The document then went into hibernation, and some people are still wondering why. After all, very few changes were made in the course of its preparation, according to Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, a strong supporter of the pope's decree.

It's one of those insignificant little news briefs from CNS in an insignificant newspaper.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Just stumbled on your blog, and read up on your Archdiocese of Boston posts...being an employee of the Archdiocese, I can assure you that many people here are devoted to the faith and are working tremendously hard to uphold Catholic tradition, charitably and faithfully. I have a friend at the Pilot, and they are committed to communicating Catholic news, and I support them because I realize they have a difficult job. The day to day work at the Archdiocese is not always easy, but we're always grateful to know that local Catholics are supporting us in doing our part in keeping this corner of the world on track and headed towards holiness. So thank you for your support and have a blessed 2008:-)
Peace from a fellow pilgrim.