Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ballad of the Pews

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Ballad of the Pews

Here in this pew I sit and I wonder
Where all the reverence of worship has gone?
The people around me all chatter like bluejays
Heretical "Sing a New Church" is the opening song.

Why have our hymns been replaced with bad show-tunes?
Why come to church just to sing about 'me'?
Why don't we sing hymns both lovely and pious
(Why do 53-times we sing "God" and not "He")?

Here in this pew I hear banal lyrics
Of the sort that the Muppets might sing on TV
I request something reverent, hope for the glori'os
But all the director will say is "we'll see…"

Why must we sing this Haugen-Haas garbage
Why must we suffer this dumb song again?
Over two thousand years of awesome tradition
Flushed down the commode by the previous gen!

Here in this pew I suffer in silence
Surely this song must soon come to an end
But another will come and a worse one will follow
Dear Lord, Let us please sing chant once again!

- shana


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Leticia said...

You must have been reading my mind last Sunday!