Monday, July 14, 2008

Go vote on the most annoying "Spirit of Vatican II" phrase

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What have we done?!

Since I've come back to the Church (in 2005) after being a C&E Catholic (Christmas and Easter) for so many years, I keep tacking more and more to the trad side of the liturgical spectrum. One of the latest posts on Father Zuhldorf's blog, What Does the Prayer Really Say, really brings it home for me just how much has been lost in the past 40 or so years. The post, Review of Worship as a Revelation discusses several topics, including why we should receive Holy Communion on the tongue.

A priest had the question, why is it okay to receive on the tongue but
not on the hand. The tongue hasn't been consecrated, has it?

Yes, it has...

At least in the old Rite of Baptism, the tongue was consecrated.

I don't know about you but it horrifies me that someone "improved"; the Rite of Baptism and removed that part of the Rite.

What have we done?!

I am so incredibly tired of the "improvements" made to all aspects of the SACRAMENTS.

Let's tweak the motto 'Save the Liturgy, Save the World';

Save the Sacraments, Save the World!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

How to Avoid Purgatory (part 2)

Link to the entire booklet

Chapter 1


Many think that it is practically impossible for the ordinary Christian to
avoid Purgatory. Go there we all must--so they say.

They laughingly remark: "It will be well for us if we ever get there" Alas!
When too late they will recognize how terribly rash their words were. As a
consequence of such fatalistic ideas, many make no serious effort to avoid
Purgatory, or even to lessen the term they may have to pass there. Thank
God all do not hold such gloomy views.


a) How all can notably shorten their period of expiation in Purgatory; b)
And how they may even avoid Purgatory altogether. These pages are well
worth reading and re-reading. The fact is that a great number of souls go
to Purgatory and remain there for long years simply because they had never
been told how they could have avoided it.

The means we suggest are easy, practical and within the reach of all.
Moreover, far from being irksome, the use of these means will only serve to
make our lives on this earth holier and happier and will take away the
exaggerated fear of death which terrifies so many.

We ask you, Dear Reader, to put this little booklet into the hands of all
your friends. You cannot do them a greater service.

Part 1

Friday, July 04, 2008

How to Avoid Purgatory (part 1)

The entire text of this booklet by Father Paul O'Sullivan can be found here on EWTN's website. It is a very easy read but with a ton of information. I highly recommend buying it from TAN Books but for those who would like to "try before they buy" I'll post a chapter a day...


Our Lord came on earth expressly to give us a perfect Redemption. He gave
us a Law of Love, a Religion in every way to suit our human hearts,
destined to make us holy and happy. His Commandments, counsels and promises
all breathe peace, joy, mercy and love.

The idea that nearly all of us shall, notwithstanding, have to pass a
period more or less long in the excruciating fires of Purgatory after death
seems to be at variance with this all-merciful and all-loving plan of our
Divine Lord.

It is true that we are weak and fall many times and that God's justice is
rigorous and exacting, but it is equally certain that God's mercy and love
are above all His works.

It is no less certain that Our Lord has given us abundant grace and
strength to save us from sin and many (and most efficacious) means of
satisfying for any sins that we may have committed. This last fact seems to
be almost entirely overlooked, or imperfectly understood by the majority of

Of course, those who go on deliberately sinning and who make no effort to
correct their faults and refuse to use the many wonderful means God offers
them for satisfying for sin, condemn themselves to Purgatory.

The object of this little book is to show how we can avoid Purgatory by
using the means God has so generously offered us, and, secondly, to show
that the use of these means is within the reach of every ordinary

The careful perusal of these pages will be a source of much benefit and
consolation to all who read them.

The author offers them to the loving Heart of Jesus and asks Him to bless

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Excellent Examination of Conscience

I found this via the Fisheaters website, altough it's actually on the website for the Saint Philippine Duchesne Latin Mass Community (FSSP) in Kansas City, Kansas.

A Comprehensive Examination Of Conscience.

Based On Twelve Virtues For The Twelve Months Of The Year
Imprimatur: Joseph E. Ritter, St. Louis, April 7, 1959

Each month's examination is in a separate pdf.