Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hymn to Mary


Beth Nielsen Chapman has a lovely album of Catholic hymns (called Hymns), 10 of which are in Latin. However, "Oh God of Loveliness" and this one, "Hymn to Mary", are in English. She was raised Catholic but has since fallen away from the faith. Here are the words to "Hymn to Mary" which she wrote,

Holy Mary draw through my heart the sweetest arrow of thy praise.
Lift my sorrow's deepening shadow, so that I may may see your face.
I know I will not be forsaken, gently held in your embrace.
Blessed Spirit, whispering softly, cool the fires of my shame.
Even as I run from your arms, my soul keeps calling out your name.
You were always right here inside each tear of joy, every drop of rain.


Coffee Wife said...

I see so many of these beautiful holy cards on various Catholic blogs. Where do you find them?? I'd love to post such holy pictures on my blog!

You have a lovely blog! I'm finding so many beautiful Catholic blogs!


-Michelle Therese

Lynne said...

Unfortunately, I didn't make note of where I got this image. I had saved it to my computer a while ago. It may have been from that Holy Card blog...