Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The "About Me" meme

Jayne, from So Many Devotions...So Little Time, tagged me. So, better late than never, I always say. Thanks Jayne!

1. Male or Female: Female.

2. Married or Single or Religious: Married (in October it will be 19 years).

3. Dream vacation: 2 weeks in Italy and/or a tour of the Holy Land by
Stephen Ray.

4. Birthplace: Holyoke

5. Area I live in currently: north of Boston (Archdiocese of Boston)

6. Someone you wish you could meet: Padre Pio.

7. Biggest "pet-peeve": Stop-and-go traffic.

8. Favorite Religious devotion: Divine Mercy Chaplet.

9. Favorite Saint (besides the Blessed Mother): Padre Pio

10. Favorite sport that you play: Sports?! Is quilting a sport?

11. Favorite food: a hot fudge sundae (or pecan pie)

12. Tridentine or Novus Ordo: N.O. currently but I'm looking for a
reasonably close TLM.

13. Would you (or are you) home schooling or public school: Given that
I live in Massachusetts, there's no way I want my child in public
school (unless it was a charter school) so she's in a Catholic High
School. I love the idea of homeschooling but I don't think I would
have been disciplined enough to do it well.

14. How many kids do you have: 1 daughter here, a few in heaven due to

15. Ever been in an auto accident: yes but nothing serious

16. Ever seen a Pope in person: Not yet (see #3 above).

17. Languages that you know fluently: English.

18. Last movie you saw in theatres: ???

19. Favorite Blog: That's really difficult but lately I've raced to
see "What Does The Prayer Really Say"...you know why...

20. Your thoughts on Barney, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus: I
can't stand Barney, although I did allow my daughter to watch him.
The Easter Bunny is okay but I love Santa.

I tag...anyone who wants to do it...

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Anonymous said...

It was great reading your answers to the About Me Meme. A little glimpse into the life of my blogging friend, Lynne.

Sorry to hear you have a few babies in heaven.