Monday, May 14, 2007


Last week, Happy Catholic talked about ways of being charitable. They were good ideas but I don't see homeless people in my sleepy little community (and I no longer work in Boston).

However, people who need our help are all around us.

What about the widow who is having trouble making ends meet? She's your neighbor and you know that she is not well off. Buy a gift card from the local supermarket and slip it under her front door when she isn't home.

What about the friend who just took in 2 of her neices because their mother is using drugs and can't (won't) get clean? Offer her some help, anonymous or otherwise.

Use your imagination!


Anonymous said...

You make some good points, my friend!

By the way...I tagged you for the ABOUT ME MEME. Hope you haven't done it yet. Go to my blog to check it out.

Have a great weekend, Lynne!

Lynne said...

Thank Jayne! I'm finally getting caught up. No, I haven't done it yet so that's my task for today...