Monday, January 22, 2007

We Finally Took the Christmas Tree Down!

We were late putting it up this year (December 21st) and it finally came down yesterday. There's only 2 days of the year that I hate having a real tree...the day we put it up and the day we take it down.

I've had real trees each Christmas for over 25 years, before my husband and I were even an item. I love the look and the smell of them. When I was growing up, we had real trees for a while (I think) but most of my childhood, I remember that ugly silver Christmas tree with the colorwheel that sat on the floor and shown colors on the tree. Because the tree was metal (aluminum!), we couldn't put electric lights on it.

Who knew! I just googled aluminum Christmas tree and sure enough, there's a website for them.

Isn't the Internet great?!


Dymphna said...

My tree is still up.

Lynne said...

Uber Catholic! lol

Leaving it up till Candlemas?

Kelly said...

I took mine down a week ago...or, at least, I took down the decorations. So I guess I'm a wee bit ahead o' Dymphna. ;-)