Thursday, January 04, 2007

Our Lady of America

Have you heard about Our Lady of America?

This statute was presented to the Bishops at the November 2006 Conference of USCCB by Archbishop Raymond Burke.

Our Lady of America
It was on the eve of the feast of the North American martyrs, September 25, 1956, that Our Lady appeared to Sr. Mary Ephrem. In 1938, Sister began to have what seem like mystical spiritual experiences. She thought little of them, presuming all religious have them. As these visits took on the nature of a specific program of devotion to Mary which Sister was asked to propagate, she then turned to Monsignor Paul F. Leibold. Monsignor Leibold, later Archbishop of the Cincinnati, Ohio Archdiocese, would be her spiritual director from many years until 1972, when he suddenly died due to an aneurysm. Archbishop Leibold had become so convinced of the authenticity of this message that he approved Sister's writings and placed his imprimatur on the design of the medal. Our Lady had asked Sister to have struck a medal that would bear the image of Our Lady of America on the front and the symbol of the Christian Family and the Blessed Trinity on the back.



Dymphna said...

Copies of the statue will be for sale sometime in early 2007. I hope it's not too expensive because I want to buy one.

Lynne said...

It's good to know she hasn't given up on us...

I'd like to buy one of the statues too.