Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Angels and Devils

I'm attending a 6-week session on the topic of "Angels and Devils" right now at my parish.  One of the books we're using is "Angels and Demons" by Peter Kreeft .  The book is a good read, not too difficult but tough enough to cause you to look at ordinary things in a whole new light.  The priest is brilliant, a wonderfully articulate man who talks very fast which causes you to hang on his every word.



Anonymous said...

*sigh* I SO wanted to take that class! But since I'm effectively covering two jobs at work right now (and working 55-60 hrs a week), I had a feeling I'd make fewer than 1/2 the classes. You'll have to post about how the classes progress!

Lynne said...

Will do!

I'm hoping we can convince the fine father to do another class. There was certainly enough interest with this class...over 20 people!

Anonymous said...

Groovy! I hope they do another class -- I'd like to attend one of the classes at some point! :)