Thursday, September 04, 2008

TAN Books announces that Fr O'Sullivan books are back

Father O'Sullivan wrote many excellent booklets on various aspects of the Catholic faith. Check them out!

Many of our customers were introduced to TAN through the popular O’Sullivan booklets. These little booklets are great for passing along to loved ones. They are perfect for evangelizing, easy to read, and are filled with straight Catholic teaching, never watered down. Two of the most popular, "The Wonders of the Holy Name", and "The Holy Ghost, Our Greatest Friend" are currently going to press for reprinting but should be available very soon. Quantity discounts are available on all the booklets.

If you are a new TAN customer, a great introduction to the Fr Paul O'Sullivan books is "All About the Angels", especially since September is the month of the Angels. If you have any questions about what Angels are, where they go, what they do, and how they can help us, this is one of the best titles on the subject. "All About the Angels" contains solid church doctrine and traditional teachings about the Angels, stories of approved angelic apparitions and much more.

I'm especially interested in the one about angels.

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Owen said...

For nine months last year I worked in a Catholic bookstore. I was given pretty free reign to order titles in. Most of these were in print then. I brought them in. They sold well. I was speaking with a priest recently who told me that none of those books are being carried any more - actually he said something a little different about the overall quality of books now being carried that I'd rather not repeat but I'd agree.