Monday, August 27, 2007

The Traditional Latin Mass Appears in NH!

Deo Gratias.

If you believed this article in SeacoastOnline, the folks in Portsmouth New Hampshire wouldn't be seeing the TLM any time soon.

Yet the same priest quoted in the article decided to offer it at 11:00 am September 23rd at Immaculate Conception in Portsmouth. Maybe he heard about the 1,000+ who showed up for the Mass when it was offered in Vermont on August 15th.

Amazingly, it doesn't look like the church (pictured above) has been wreckovated for Vatican II.

Let me know if you'd like details.

I don't why the priest changed his mind but I'm glad he did.

Thank you, Pope Benedict XVI.


a thorn in the pew said...

So cool how God works. Not everything has to make sense, just someone who followed God's call.

Lynne said...


Brian Crane said...

The Church is Immaculate Conception, the oldest in Portsmouth. It still has the high altar. The freestanding altar is quite nice, although it doesn't always have the nicest altar cloth on it. The communion rail was removed, and if there had been a large pulpit in the past, that was also taken out. The side altars and marvelous statuary are still in place. It is a very beautiful church, and if it had the funds, could be beautifully restored to its full splendor.

Lynne said...

Thanks Brian. Let's pray that the Bishop of Manchester will come to realize what the Bishop of Burlington came to understand, that if this is what it takes to get people coming back to Church, then so be it!

Anonymous said...

The Canons Regular of St John Cantius in Chicago ( celebrated the Nativity of the B.V.M with a Tridentine Latin High Mass. After Mass the traditional Blessing of Seeds was given from the Rituale Romanum 1962. The Canons also celebrated today the 100th anniversary of "Pascendi," the encyclical of Pius X condemning Modernism, the heresy of all heresies. They lead the faithful in renewing their devotion to Our Lady and to the Church by professing the "Oath against Modernism" of Pope St Pius X.

Learn the Latin Mass at

Lynne said...

Thanks anonymous! There's a couple of priests I want to send that link to.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lynne,
Can you tell me if there will be a regularly scheduled Latin Mass at Immaculate Conception in Portsmouth, NH?

If so I would like to add it to our database at
Mary Alexander