Thursday, June 28, 2007

The TLM on EWTN?!

How soon after the Motu Proprio is published will we see the TLM on EWTN?

Won't that be glorious?!


RC said...

It's not guaranteed that EWTN will have it at all. The local bishop still gets to regulate broadcast Masses, so EWTN still needs permission.

Lynne said...


SyrianCatholic said...

I would love to hear an explanation from the Bishop as to why a sacred, and ancient Mass of the latin Church should not be broadcast on EWTN.

Lynne said...

Bishop David Foley disallowed EWTN from even televising a Mass with the priest ad orientum (facing the tabernacle), stupid politics.

He retired in 2005 and Birmingham is still without a bishop.

So yes, unfortunately RC is correct when he says that a bishop could prevent EWTN from televising the TLM. Another thing to pray for, that the Diocese of Birmingham gets an orthodox bishop.

Dymphna said...

Birmingham hasn't had bishop in years but the old one's order still stands.