Monday, March 16, 2009

The March for Life is like "a poor man's World Youth Day"?

Excuse me?!

This statement is from the latest entry in Cardinal Sean's blog...

I told the principals that I realize there will always be a limited number of people able to go to World Youth Day due to the travel and the expense but, in a sense, the March for Life is something of “a poor man’s World Youth Day.”

Although we do not have the joy of having the Holy Father present in Washington, the young people who go get to experience the witness of hundreds of thousands of people dedicated to their Catholic faith, and particularly the thousands upon thousands of young people that have become a growing presence each year. Many of them have been inspired to live their faith more fully after experiencing the March for Life so I urged the principals to try to be as creative as possible in finding ways to enable the largest number of their students to attend each year.

Cardinal Sean was speaking to a meeting of the Catholic High School principals in the Archdiocese of Boston. His words encouraged me to speak to the principal of a high school that I'm thinking of sending my daughter to *but* it bothered me that he missed the opportunity to state the message of why it was important for Life for young people to attend the March. My daughter attended it for the first time this year and she found it incredibly inspiring!

But it's like "a poor man's World Youth Day"?

Wow! Thanks Cardinal Sean...

Is the March for Life just a photo-op for him?

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