Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wonderful response

to the question, "Why did God create us?

from commenter Abigail...

Love is creative.

Why do married people have kids?

(I don't know if you have kids yourself. If you don't, I'm sure you can think of someone among your family and friends that does have a little one that they dote upon.)

My husband and I are complete in our relationship with each other. If God had given us the cross of infertility (or the real-life situation we faced where all our kids could have inherited a fatal disease) --we would be left spooning each other Jello alone in the nursing home.

When I faced that possibility head on, I was okay with that.

I didn't earnestly desire children with my husband because I needed someone to control, or someone to adore me, or someone to make me look good.

The desire for children which I never abstractly wanted as a young woman, sort of came over me during this flood of amazing feelings I had for my spouse.

He felt the same way about me.

Now we've got 3 little ones who all share his funny toes and my curly hair, and yet each have an individual spirit which is entirely their own.

Love delights in company. Love reaches out and expands itself.

God's love for each member of humanity is so fantastic we can only glimpse it inside the human heart. The desire for children, no matter how terribly perverted or buried in modern culture, is one of the basic laws written on the human heart. You'll find parental love across all lands and all cultures. It's proof that we all have the same imprint of One Creator.

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