Sunday, June 15, 2008

We live in interesting times

From Father Z (and several other blogs) The remarks between [] are Father Z's...

Latin Mass to return to England and Wales
By Damian Thompson

The traditional Latin Mass – effectively banned by Rome for 40 years – is to be reintroduced into every Roman Catholic parish in England and Wales, [Get that?] the senior Vatican cardinal in charge of Latin liturgy said at a press conference in London today. [This was stated by someone who knows what he is talking about. He wouldn't have said it if it was according to the Holy Father's will. how can we know this? He made a similar statement before. Review this. If the Secretariat of State or the Holy Father had a problem with what Card. Castrillon said back then, he wouldn't be saying it in public now.]

And, if you think Damian Thompson was exaggerating, here is his response/comment in Father Z's blog...

There were four journalists at the press conference – Anna Arco of the Herald, a Catholic guy from Reuters, Elena Curti from the Tablet and me from the Telegraph. I was sceptical that the Cardinal really envisaged the arrival of the Gregorian Rite (his term) in "many ordinary Catholic parishes" and my jaw dropped – and heart leapt – when he said: "Not many – all." Twice. Elena bristled and started talking about going backwards and said something along the lines of "but we [the laity] are now priests, kings and prophets". At which point I told the Cardinal that I wanted to dissociate myself from her comments, that young people were increasingly delighted by the opportunity to experience the TLM and were very grateful for his efforts."

As we left, three out of the four journalists kissed the Cardinal's ring. Guess which one didn't – but then I suppose she's already a priest, king and prophet or whatever.
Comment by Damian Thompson — 14 June 2008 @ 6:00 pm

How soon can we get the Cardinal to say the TLM here in the US (maybe even the Archdiocese of Boston?)?

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Hi Lynne, you are clearly a Latinophile. Have you seen this directory listing every church in the US and Canada hosting the TLM -