Sunday, February 11, 2007

True Girl

If you have a daughter, grand daughter, niece or family friend between the ages of 10 and 18, she may be interested in this wonderful (and truly Catholic) girls' magazine called True Girl. Right now it is only published bi-monthly but it is a new publication so I'm hoping it will go monthly some day...

It has lots of great articles, uses 'real' girls as models, typically touches on at least one aspect of the Catholic Faith and is just an uplifting read. I wish this magazine was around when I was that age.

It is a refreshing respite from the other girls' magazines out there (Seventeen and Cosmos Girl). Also, a fellow blogger is a contributor to the magazine, Denise Hunnell aka Catholic Mom.

From their website;

True Girl is dedicated and consecrated to Mary, the ultimate role model for all women, who always directs us to her Son, Jesus. By following her example and living by His will rather than ours, we will find ourselves on the path to truth. Please keep our ministry in your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne,

It's great that you posted about this teen mag. My daughter is 13, and I subscribed to it for her. It is an awesome alternative to those trashy teen publications.