Sunday, September 03, 2006

Relapsed Catholic revisits David Warren

Kathy Shaidle, Relapsed Catholic, has a follow-up to the entry she did on David Warren's piece on the 2 Fox journalists who converted to Islam. Here's an excerpt from Kathy's blog but go read the whole thing...

In fact, this incident might be said to prove a contention made by other Christian conservative commentators: that, contra the Euston Manifesto, it is a renewed religiousity, not a heartier secularism, that stands the best chance of winning this war.

I take it Cistani and Wiig are no more than nominal Christians. In fact, it is probably safe to assume about two media folks that they are not Christians at all.

So: would a devout secularist like Hirsi Ali also "revert" at gun point? Would she beg for his life like her tragic colleague Van Gogh, (who's last words were, "Can't we talk about this?") Would Christopher "Let's crush the Islamofacists, just don't tap my phone" Hitchens? Who does Hitchens call upon in times of danger? The spirit of Trotsky?

Cistani and Wiig innocently and inadvertantly demonstrate that a "resistance" based on nothing more than liberalism and secularism or even decent, "normal" human feelings and desires (i.e., love of family) is doomed to fail. Ultimately, the best resistance will come from devout Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists who have an investment in an afterlife they don't want to screw up.

I'd add that a well brought up, commited Christian does in fact know what he or she should aspire to do in the face of martyrdom, or when faced with an incurable disease or the murder of a child, just as a well trained fireman knows he will run into, rather than away from, a burning building. Such a Christian, having practiced spiritual disciplines such as prayer and fasting, and therefore being more receptive to supernatural grace, may be surprised herself by the relative ease of "doing the right thing."

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Thomas Shawn said...

Did Cistani convert?

Anonymous said...

Lynne, Happy to see you have a blog too. Good work, and God bless you.

After watching the two journalists read documents that said they had converted to Islam, while I was appalled and very saddened, I just prayed that I would have the courage to sit there and profess my love of Jesus and His Catholic Church. As an individual I am sure that I would. These two men possibly held each other's fates in their hands by their individual actions. If they have not carried this "conversion" into their lives back home as free men who are also still very much in the public eye, well, I think I harbor no bad feeling. I pray for Our Lord to forgive and allow them more room and time to learn of Him.

I pray for us all.


Lynne said...

You're right as usual Linda in that we must habor any ill will towards them. However, this incident is yet another tool in the propaganda toolbox for the radical Islamists to use.